We endeavour to give you value for money, by cutting our overheads, and not wasting your valuable time and money, by searching a lot of the car sales internets.  We have paid $8000 - $9000 year to be on just one of these, now multiply that by 5 - 6 car sales internets.   It is an absolute “rort” and a waste of time and money.  A lot of these car sales internets profess to be experts in the car industry, and charge huge fees to be on their internet.   They have the audacity to put to the public that they are the so called experts.


If they were experts in the industry, why don’t they have licences, premises, and cars, instead of being parasites or “clayton” dealers and put their money where their mouths are. All dealers are registered with the dept of fair trading, and are governed by that body. 


Deal with the dealer who has all the qualifications, and has done just that, in fact put his money where his mouth is, not to mention not only to have purchased the vehicles, but also the premises and supports a large number of families in the community.  You do not get any warranties from these car sale internets do you?  Ask them for a warranty?